About Us

Plus size people reach out to me because they never feel understood, a sense of belonging or feel welcomed when shopping for clothing.  Rarely does the clothing represent their professionalism or status!

Designing into these problems
is where I do my best work

At Sue Rock Originals we're committed for every plus size person to rock their style, personality and soul.

We believe in more inclusive sizing.  We also understand that is not fully inclusive and we are always willing to work with people outside our range. When we started this company, we made sure to study the plus size "industry standards" (i.e. the sizes you're commonly familiar with) and based our sizing on those benchmarks. Our size chart reflects your body measurements—not the clothing, as all styles are slightly different.
Not sure about your measurements? Curious about custom sizing? Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.
We design into your greatness and want you to progress!