Outdoor/Picnic Blanket - SOLO - Single Layer

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Going outside should mean a chance to unwind - luxuriating in the sun or dinner at sunset.  Some may spend time with the kids on a quick road trip - or maybe simply enjoy the terrace or rooftop.

Sue Rock Originals Outdoor Blankets were made for these times.

Our luxury picnic blankets will make your picnics comfy, dry and stylish! A sumptuous 42" x 62" the two layers of sturdy, yet soft fabrics are washable. Each blanket is large enough and ideal for several adults. It is created with pintuck details for self-folding ease, and rolls up and ties with vintage trim that can attach to your backpack or bike for a day out.

This blanket will last for years of wonderful memories......

95% Upcycled materials

Machine Wash/Hang Dry
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