All Natural Disinfectant Air Spray - Air Spray Max

All Natural Disinfectant Air Spray - Air Spray Max

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Our beautiful Earth provides plants of all forms.  There are a family of strong botanicals which have are excellent in providing cleansing and dispersing properties.  Whether used in the church or the sickroom, plants and resins are time tested supports for human and animal ailments.

AIR SPRAY MAX is a all natural disinfectant Air spray Sue Rock Originals has created for you which can be used to support your safe practices.  Along with hand washing, mask wearing and social distancing, these sprays can help clear the air and help keep you and your loved ones safe.

Suggested uses:
Spray sickrooms and entryways
Spray Foyers and Doorways
Spray your car seats
Spray incoming mail
Spray masks and outerwear.

Ingredients:  Essential oils of Tea Tree, Oregano, Hyssop, Cypress, Sage, Lavender, Rosemary, Rose, Distilled Water, Food Grade 3% Hydrogen Peroxide.