Beautiful sustainably made face masks.  NY Manufacturing
      All products are treated with our time tested blend of botanicals
      known for their efficacy in supporting health and calming the mind, body and spirit. 

      (Blend Ingredients: Rosemary, Tea tree, Eucalyptus, Oregano, Lavender)

      What about sizing? - "face sizing" is new phenomenon, isn't it?

      The small face masks are perfect for someone with a slender or heart shaped face.
      The medium face masks are great for an average adult face.
      The large face masks are suggested to those with larger faces, round cheeks, larger jawline and men with a large faces.

      All jersey face masks have alot of give, so the person with a larger face could try the medium~

      Hope this helps :)

      BUY ONE - GIVE ONE - For each mask purchase, Sue Rock Originals will provide a mask to a survivor of domestic violence living in transitional housing.  Survivors are among the hardest hit during the 2020 pandemic.  These masks will ensure the safety of themselves and their families.  Thank you for your loving support and for keeping us all safe!


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